October 8, 2017

Exodus 17:1-7

During our worship service on Sunday, we will hold a sort of prayer vigil that will acknowledge and hold all the feelings that are emerging.  We will acknowledge the horrible violence, and all the feelings in us that accompany that news.  We will also attempt to ground ourselves in the goodness of God’s green earth, in touchstones of hope, belief in transformation, and insistence that there is something precious that we are called to protect.   I believe it will be a powerful and beautiful service.  As part of the service, we will have prayer stations set up. 

And you are invited to bring flowers, symbols of hope, written and artistically-rendered prayers of all kinds.  There will also be space for people to create and offer prayers during the service.

Of course, all people are welcome, and I do hope you will invite friends and neighbors.

Reaching out for the peace that passes all understanding,