April 28, 2013

Earth Sunday invites us to focus on the ecology of our earth.  The text from Acts 11:1-10 talks about how Peter became open minded, and the text from Revelation speaks of a "New Heaven and a New Earth."  Receiving the promise of a New Earth invites something from us, a commitment to hope, a belief in resurrection.  Like a pond that has been polluted, if left alone, in time nature will reclaim it.  Such is the resurrection message we will explore further this Sunday.

April 21, 2013

Sunday, we will hear the famous 23rd Psalm.  We want to both feel the passion of the Psalm and probe into its depth.  Being in the sheepfold is less a matter of what we believe and more a matter of belonging.  The New Testament lesson considers how people challenged Jesus to explain himself, and he let them know that they do not understand not for want of knowledge but because they are outside the sheepfold.  It is not an intellectual matter of having the answers.  It is a matter of belonging.  In the text, the shepherd speaks, and the sheep follow, not because they comprehend the words.  It is the music of his voice.

April 14, 2013

Interesting, it is, that many times in the New Testament, some of the most profound teachings of Jesus came not when he was preaching or traveling, but when he was interrupted while he is preaching or traveling.  In the texts for Sunday, Saul, a.k.a. Paul, was on his way to Damascus.  Lightning flashed, and he was converted to Christianity.  The disciples were fishing and were having no luck.  The risen Jesus appeared, and they did not recognize him.  He told them where to fish.  Then, they recognized that it is Jesus.  In our world, God intervenes in our lives, very often during those moments when we least expect it, those moments when we are interrupted.  The sermon Sunday is entitled, "Expect the Unexpected."  We will consider the unexpected way the Risen Lord appears in our lives.

April 7, 2013

The themes of worship throughout the Easter season will be resurrection.  Each Sunday, we will explore a principle related to living the resurrection message.  This Sunday, the scriptures ask us to surrender to the Holy Spirit within and among us.  For all our willfulness (personally and institutionally), the intensity with which we try to solve our problems and manage our lives, the insurance we take out against our insecurities, nothing will ultimately work until we learn to surrender and flow with the currents of God’s Wisdom.  This inner living Wisdom is known throughout Christianity as the Holy Spirit.