June 26, 2016

In our final week of our in depth look at Elijah, we look at the story of Elijah transferring his power to his apprentice Elisha.  We will consider the ongoing work of making love visible in the world.  How do we make beautiful in the midst of horrible?  How do we recognize and accept the calling of God to do the hard work of justice in a polarized world?

June 12, 2016

We continue our June trek through the stories of Elijah in the book of Kings this week with Elijah on the run.  What is God calling us to do and be?  Where do we hear God's voice?  What are we listening for?  And how are we living into our deepest calling?

June 5, 216

Throughout June, we will be looking at texts from the books of Kings, particularly stories about the prophet Elijah.  This week, we will be starting with the contest between the God of Israel and the god of Baal.  Who will we serve and who will we follow?  We are invited to wrestle in our spiritual lives with says we experience and express wisdom, trust and faith.