July 21, 2013

How do we have intimacy with God when life presents us with too many demands?  This question we will address this Sunday.  Both Biblical stories give us a window into how we might negotiate this persistent concern.
In the story of Mary and Martha, Mary is attentive to the guest in their home, listening intently, while Martha tends to the housework, Luke 10:38-42.  How many think Martha gets an unfair rap, here?  She's taking care of the situation.  She's preparing the meal.  She's tending the house.  Isn't that hospitality?  Something else, something subtle is being addressed, here.  In the lesson from the Hebrew Bible, we see another example of hospitality, Genesis 18:1-10a.  Three strangers approach Abraham's tent.  He and Sarah prepare for their guests, but Abraham is attentive.  The three men leave with him a life-changing blessing.