July 14, 2013

How so easy it is, to focus on the negative, to gossip, to name what’s wrong in our world!  How so difficult to be positive when we dislike a situation or have problems with a person!  How so hard, to be proactive rather than reactive or inactive!  
To make the Golden Rule work, we must move beyond our cultural conditioning about love.   "Agape love" is more a disciple of the will than a function of the feelings.  And when we chose this course, rather than a natural propensity for negativity and discounting, we introduce the necessary condition for creative change.
The title of the sermon for Sunday is "Love Thy Neighbor," drawn from the Golden Rule.  The Fruit of the spirit that will be our focus this Sunday is: Gentleness.  Our text are drawn from Amos 7:7-10, where Amos sees God's plumb line, and Luke 10:25-37, where Jesus offers the parable of the Good Samaritan.