June 9, 2013

The widow who gave Elijah food from her meager jar of meal discovered that from hence forth, her jar would never run empty.  It always had something in it.  Such is the nature of God's Abundance.  Spirit is perpetually life giving.  We tap into this flow by realizing our Divine origin and our personal hospitality through giving.  Giving is what maintains the flow.  In the New Testament, a widow on her way to her son's burial caught the attention of Jesus.  He felt compassion and raised her son to life.  The renewal capacity of life is perpetually available for us to forgive our past, claim the dignity of our moment, and hope for the future.  In common with both texts for Sunday (1 Kings 17:8-16 and Luke 7:11-17) is a widowed woman for whom God showed favor.  Both passages testify to God's "Perpetual Abundance."  God's grace is a "Gift that Keeps on Giving," which is the title of the sermon for Sunday.