October 28, 2012

This Sunday begins our Stewardship Emphasis. The theme will be "Giving God our Days." Too often, people take their days for granted. People tend to get up in the morning, shut off the alarm, brush their teeth, and mentally go through their schedule. Consciousness is not orientated toward the Divine. People tend to remain focused on the secular. What would it mean to start our day with gratitude, to anticipate the unexpected as God’s Word spoken in our day, to say the "prayer of surrender," as did Bartimaeus? What would it look like to pray the petition of the Lord’s Prayer, "Give us this day, our daily bread (spiritual food)?" What would it sound like to "name our needs" as Bartimaeus did in the New Testament lesson for Sunday? What would it be like to surrender to a Loving Mystery, as Job did in our Old Testament text for Sunday?