October 7, 2012

As a congregation, we want to ponder Paul's metaphor of "The Whole Armor of God," and come up with more modern day and less military comparisons for Paul’s summary of the essential qualities of being Christian. Please read Ephesians 6:10-18. Ponder: (1) in our culture today, what is a modern way of talking about the "powers and principalities" or "arrows of the devil" against which we are struggling, what are we seeking to overcome? If not a "battlefield," then what? (2) What modern metaphors would you use for Truth, Righteousness, the Gospel of Peace, Faith, Salvation, and Spirit, which Paul equates with the Word of God? Please note, this latter is a little different from evangelical Christians equating the Bible with the Word of God. Most of the Bible wasn't even written when Ephesians proclaimed this. Paul equates the Word of God with Spirit. And (3) what does it look like/sound like/feel like to "pray in the Spirit" Spirit being the Word of God. How do we actually do this?