October 21, 2012

In today's world, many people claim to be atheists. They do not believe in God. Everywhere from a high school student arguing at a dinning hall table to a TV comedian making a movie challenging the notion of God to a scientist holding a test tube, we find arguments against a belief in God. In today's world, Christians are often pressed for reasons why they do believe in God. The sermon Sunday will attempt to address this question: "What does it mean to believe in God?" We will try to imagine Abraham, wondering about in a culture committed to idols, and explore what concrete experiences he must have had that drew him to the conclusion that his life was in the hands of God. He "discovered" God. At the time, he didn't know God’s "Name" (YHVH, the nature and hidden Power of this Force); that came with Moses (Exodus 3:14). Abraham called it "Eloheim." We will draw from the priest Melchizedek of Salem (later Jerusalem) who helped Abraham in this quest, and from the experiences of Job when God spoke out of the whirlwind.