November 20, 2011

This Sunday is Thanksgiving Sunday. We will look at the story of Jesus when he healed the ten lepers. Nine of them went on their way. Only one returned to say thanks. Jesus asks, “Where are the other nine?” Why was it so important to Jesus to have someone say, “Thank You?”

Within themselves, people constantly fight a mental war with negativity. They get discouraged. Sometimes depressed. Life can seem overwhelming. The attitude of gratitude is critical to our spiritual well-being. It is the one thing that turns life around, and sometimes we need a discipline to do this.

There are many ways to do it as a spiritual discipline. Some have a blessing box and place a coin in it, a small and joyful sacrifice for each thought of gratitude experienced in a brief moment. Some have a discipline of writing out seven or ten things for which they are thankful, each day. I knew a congregation, once, who passed out yellow “Thank-U-Grams,” formatted like the old “telegrams.” Each congregant was asked to write a “Thank-U-Gram” to various people in their lives.

This Sunday, we will explore the spiritual value of “thanks-living.”